19 May

What Does a Chiropractor Do

A Chiropractor is a doctor who practices and specializes in the field of chiropractic in . They are often called doctors of chiropractic or simply referred to as chiropractic physicians. These doctors are licensed to diagnose and to treat patients who suffer from various musculoskeletal problems. Majority of the treatments done on patients who have spinal problems would include nonsurgical health treatment modalities with the use of special equipment and facilities to aid in the manipulation of the patient’s spine.


The treatments that chiropractors provide do not include the prescription of pharmaceutical medications. So basically all they ever do is to diagnose the patient and treat them without prescribing any type of medications and the treatments must not in any way involve surgery. Chiropractors believe that the body has the naturally capacity to heal on its own so long as all the necessary factors to improve one’s health are present during the recuperation period.

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