19 May

What Should You Expect When You See a Chiropractor?

What happens when you are scheduled for an appointment with a Chiropractor? Here are the series of events that will help you understand how the procedure works although this may not be the same for all practicing chiropractors. When you are having problems with your spine, your doctor will usually advise you to seek a chiropractor’s opinion of your condition. Before treatment will be given, a thorough physical assessment and several diagnostic tests will be carried out as well as an elaborate health history interview so that your chiropractor will come up with a precise diagnosis.


The diagnosis will guide your doctors to the type of treatment that they will employ to help relieve the problem and restore normal functioning. The treatment to be provided will depend on your underlying condition but it is important to know that chiropractic treatments do not involve any surgical procedures and you will not be asked to take in any medications. Simple spine manipulations with or without special equipment will almost always be provided.

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